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Put That Computer in Its Place: Defining the Proper Role of Information Technology in Your Law Practice

Credit(s): 1 CLE Credits
Course Number: DL-746
Original Program Date: June 4, 2013
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  • It often seems like computers choose law firms rather than the other way around.  Various computer technologies become a part of an office without much planning or consideration of how these tools mesh with existing law firm processes and people.  The rapid pace of change and the relatively immediate obsolescence of one product in favor of another encourages a “buy first: figure out how to use later” approach, as no one wants to get left out or behind. 

    And computer technology that is new and unfamiliar to attorneys and law offices fuels both unrealistic expectations and irrational fears on the part of its users. The perception of the latest device or software program as a silver bullet is distracting, counterproductive, and misunderstands the proper function of computer technology as one of several tools used for problem-solving and client service.

    As a result, before making a decision to purchase or expand the use of computer technology, attorneys would be well-advised to pause, consider the function that computer technology plays (or could play) in the context of a law practice, and plan how to best use that technology to deliver value to clients.

    1 CLE Credits
    John J. "Jack" Pringle

    Jack’s practice focuses on administrative and regulatory law, information technology, securities, public utilities, environmental law and land use litigation, and class action litigation. He is recognized by the South Carolina Supreme Court as a Certified Circuit Court Mediator.

    Jack has a wealth of experience in modern matters of privacy and security compliance for financial institutions, telecommunications providers and other businesses. A certified information privacy professional, he advises clients on the retention, collection, management, and production of electronically stored information. He assists clients with information security breach response as well as how to implement processes that prevent and detect breaches.

    He has litigated matters related to tax cases, securities investigations, certificate of need applications, procurement matters, environmental permitting cases, disadvantaged business enterprise applications and alcohol licensing applications. Jack has represented public utilities and transportation companies before the South Carolina Public Service Commission, and in other litigation and regulatory matters.


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